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To accompany our existing Academy classes we will be adding 3 more:

By Todd Smith

In this “hands on” class I will cover all the basics of the five major spirits (vodka, gin tequila, rum, & bourbon.) We will make a variety of drinks from “long drinks” to “hi-balls” I will show you how to make several cocktails from the “classics” to a few of my own. Do you know the difference between a hawthorn strainer and a julep strainer? In this class we cover in detail all the tools of the trade, and how to use them properly. I cover all the basics to set-up your own bar at home. From spirits to mixers, bitters, syrups and fruit, everything you need to entertain at home including cocktail recipes for two to twenty.

By Thad Volger

Pirates, Revolution, Plantations, Slavery, Communism, Smuggling, the English Navy, Colonialism, Beaches, Palm Trees. What do these all have in common? Rum! If this doesn't excite your interest, keep in mind that rum plays a key role in the evolution of what we now refer to as the cocktail. From elegant drinks on the stem to the most primal muddled mass of whole lime and raw cane sugar, rum is a versatile and key spirit in the history of the mixed drink. In the beverage academy's Rum class we will come to better understand how to mix drinks and how to taste distilled spirits. Through some of the canonical rum cocktails, students will come to appreciate the puzzle of a balanced drink - striking balances with sour, sweet and bitter components. Also, in tasting a selection of rums we see how diverse this spirit is. From the most neutral white distillate to the most aromatic dark spirit, students will experience the results of the skills of various kinds of distillation, barrel aging and blending. This general knowledge will lead to a greater appreciation of spirits and mixed drinks in general.

by Todd Smith & Lance Winters

In this Absinthe class lead by Master Distiller Lance Winters from St. George Spirits and maker of Absinthe Verte (The first Absinthe available in the United States in almost one hundred years.) We will cover the history and the misconceptions of Absinthe, taste at least three absinthes including the before mentioned Absinthe Verte (Currently sold out.) Learn how to serve and drink Absinthe and make an Absinthe cocktail or two created by me specifically for this class.

Rum : “Rum's role in the evolution of the cocktail” [BUY]
Cocktails 101 : “Work your home bar like a pro.” [BUY]
Gin : “From bathtubs and back alleys to the upper class.” [BUY]
Whiskey : “American Whiskey and the Art of the Manhattan” [BUY]
Scotch Whisky : Learn about the good times and bad times of, “the water of life”.[BUY]
Tequila : The spirit of Mexico [BUY]
Absinthe : “A taste of Absinthe.” Coming Soon

Joel & Yanni

After nearly two years at the helm, Todd Smith will be stepping down as manager of Bourbon & Branch in order to concentrate on the Beverage Academy. The position will be filled by both Joel Baker and Yanni Kehagiaras who are very excited about the move. Joel & Yanni are passionate bar chefs and have been winning local cocktail competitions for the last couple of years. Their depth of knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm makes them the perfect duo to keep Bourbon & Branch established as the No. 1 cocktail bar on the West Coast.

Bourbon & Branch Gift Cards are available at the bar and online through SnagTickets in increments of $50, $100 and $150. These Gift Cards are very stylishly packaged and are rechargeable at the bar. Upon purchasing the online gift cards you will be given the option of picking them up in person at Bourbon & Branch, or directing us to mail them to the address you provide, including a personalized Telegram style note with “To”, “From” and “Message” sections. Holders of Gift Cards would make reservations in the usual way, presenting the card to the server or bartender as payment. Gift Cards can also be used in the Library.

Beverage Academy Gift Cards are also available at Bourbon & Branch and online at SnagTickets. The price is $100 and you’re welcome to pick up the cards at Bourbon & Branch after your online purchase, or we can mail them as you direct us with a personalized Telegram style note from you to the recipient. Recipients of the Beverage Academy Gift Cards will be provided with a direct line to Todd so that a selection can be made from any of the available upcoming classes.

World Cocktail day

It was on May 13th, 1806 that the editor of the Balance and New Columbian Repository put forth in his paper the succinct definition of the cocktail as being "...spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters..." To commemorate this important day we will offer a special menu of lost and forgotten cocktails. Please reserve your space at the bar early, as we expect this to be a busy one.

Whiskey’s of the World Expo
March 28-29

This year's two day expo includes a full afternoon/evening of reserved seated tasting seminars with a list of world wide experts. These classes range from 50 minutes to 2.5 hours and are held in break out rooms at Le Meridien Hotel; 333 battery St in the heart of the Financial District. Don't miss out on booking your tickets for seats at these great seminars and Whisky University Courses. Courses and seminars seat between 40-60 attendees maximum and must be booked at least one week prior to the event date! All course descriptions/times and details are available at www.celticmalts.com

The after party for this part of the expo will be held at Bourbon & Branch. The special password will be available to all those who buy tickets through the Celtic Malts website. We host this fun party every year for WoW and will be offering discount samples of our new Barrel of delicious Elmer T. Lee bourbon. Come along and get a chance to meet distillers, blenders, and a host of Whisky personalities.

Please visit us at our Beverage Academy stand (table 230) for some exciting demonstrations.

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